ESPORG, the European Secure Parking Organisation, in partnership with its public and private stakeholders from the road transport and supplier industries, has decided to establish a dedicated Excellence in Truck Parking Award, with the objective to promote safety, security, quality, and care in providing services to professional truck drivers when using the services of safe and secure truck parking areas.

What is the aim of the European Truck Parking Award?

The aim of the Excellence in Truck Parking Award is to promote excellence and to help spread good practices in view of improving safety, security and quality of services offered by truck parking operators to professional truck drivers, and, by doing so, to enhance the attractiveness and appeal of the driver profession to an increasingly diverse and wider public, including young people and women.

Who is eligible?

Candidates can be public and private truck parking operators, as well as road transport companies operating truck parking facilities from Europe, which have been audited and already satisfy one of the four levels of the EU-Parking Standard – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

The international jury will decide on two winners this year– one among smaller applicant truck parking areas of up to 50 parking spaces, and one for larger parking areas, more than 50 spaces.

What are the benefits for winners?

  • Will have their innovative practices promoted by ESPORG, its members and partners via social media and various press events and activities as a best industry practice.
  • Can use the official Award logo, which will specify the year in which the award was given on their sites and websites, documents and promotional materials, to inform their customers of the recognition.
  • Will receive an ESPORG commemorative plate.
  • Will receive round trip tickets and accommodation for two persons to attend the ESPORG Award ceremony.

What are the criteria to be assessed by the international jury?

Applicants shall submit and the jury decide upon based on a set of four basic criteria, namely:

  • Comfort and health
    o Food available 24/7 at or near the site;
    o Fitness and leisure facilities at or near site;
    o Laundry facilities at or near the site;
    o Medical assistance and/or pharmacy onsite or nearby;
    o Specific dietary food available;
    o Multilingual service options.
  • Mobility and connectivity
    o Hotel/Motel/Accommodation onsite or in the immediate vicinity;
    o Fuel station at site or nearby;
    o Alternative truck charging/filling station (LNG/Electricity/Hydrogen) onsite or nearby;
    o A reliable and stable Wi-Fi connection for customers;
    o A payment system directly to the customer company;
    o Connection to the National Access Point (NAP) to deliver static and dynamic information (Delegated Act 885/2013) & a driver-friendly reservation system available.
  • Environmental friendliness
    o Electricity installation for truck cooling available on site;
    o Truck wash at the site or nearby;
    o Shuttle, bus and/or bike services for drivers available;
    o Alternative energy sourcing onsite (solar or wind energy, battery stored energy provision).
  • Service quality and customer satisfaction
    o A coherent customer-oriented strategy to guarantee quality of service and care to drivers and its constant improvement, including a dedicated procedure to deal with customer complaints;
    o Clear instructions and signs for customers, including in foreign language(s);
    o Special facilitation measures for drivers, including young and female-drivers;
    o Customer satisfaction measuring policy, including by dedicated customer surveys;
    o Increase in numbers of customers over a given period;
    o Effective communication, including with nearby local authorities and residents to resolve potential problems.

How to apply?

Candidates shall prepare a dossier in the English language containing proof and/or data, which provide evidence of the measures they have adopted and, which have resulted in real benefits to their customers.
Candidates’ dossiers can be submitted:
– By post: to ESPORG, Michel Scheperslaan 85, 3550 Zolder, Belgium
– Electronically: to
– Using ESPORG’s electronic submission form below


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