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We are pleased to announce that ESPORG members and partners are involved in eight of the selected projects in Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain aiming at the deployment and upgrade of 28 safe and secure truck parking areas. All of our members and partners have been successful with their applications, which is a great success.

As the sector association in Europe we offer our help and support to all projects about to receive funding in order to help them close the identified infrastructure gaps to fulfil the objective of a pan-European network of safe and secure parking areas along the TEN-T core network. We stand for parking areas that offer security, safety and adequate services to shippers, hauliers and truck drivers according to the EU Parking Standard.

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PASS4CORE-ITA-Parking Areas Implement Safety and Security for CORE network corridors

This project will develop, improve and certify 13 ITS connected safe and secure truck parking areas along Italian TEN-T motorways.

Setting up two safe and secure parking areas in the Spanish-French border region

The company Bidegi, S.A. will develop two safe and secure parking areas in the region of Gipuzkoa (specifically Astigarraga and Oiartzun) in the North of Spain in immediate vicinity to the French border available to Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) that are operating with digital real-time information systems, feeding into the Atlantic TEN-T Core Network Corridor.

Setting up the first safe and secure truck parking area in Southern Hungary

Transz-Depar Kft. will develop a SSTPA feeding into the Orient/East-Mediterranean as well as the Rhine-Danube TEN-T Core Network Corridors.

Deploying & Upgrading SSTPAs in Latvia

VISSA will upgrade an existing truck parking area in Adazi and set up a new one in Bauska along the A67.

SSTPAs in the Netherlands

SecureNL 2.0 & the North-Brabant Province will develop six safe and secure truck parking areas in the Netherlands on the TEN-T core network, TEN-T corridors, railroad terminals, ports and airports.

Creating a network of connected SSTPAs in Romania & Hungary

This project will build and develop a new SSTPA in Romania, another in Hungary, and upgrade two existing parking areas in Hungary.

Setting up a SSTPA in Romania

Europarking Secure Parking will deploy a SSTPA in Strejnicu, west of the city of Ploiesti in the Southern part of Romania, servicing the TEN-T core network and the Rhine-Danube Corridor.

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