Brussels, 26 October 2017
ESPORG took part in the TAPA conference celebrating TAPA’s 20th anniversary in London on October 25 and 26.
TAPA, the Transported Asset Protection Association, regroups major companies from the transport sector and wishes to minimise cargo losses from the supply chain. ESPORG has a long-standing collaboration with TAPA and values TAPA for its proactive identification of crime trends and supply chain security threats.
On this occasion it was agreed that ESPORG and TAPA would intensify their collaboration on practical and efficient solutions to increase the reliability of parking information and augment the level of safety and security around and on parking areas to meet the objectives of the logistics chain and the European Union.
Dirk Penasse, ESPORG’s General Manager, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration: “We were pleased to host TAPA at our General Meeting last week and are encouraged by the positive messages we received throughout the TAPA conference this week. Together we as parking operators and TAPA as our clients can move towards the goal of increased security, reliability and service to the benefit of the road transport sector.”
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