Join us as a Transport Company

As a transport operator you have access to the secure parking network in Europe. This includes the following benefits:

  • ESPORG invites you to join our permanent working group on requirements, recognition and marketing of the EU-Parking Standard that is tailored to the needs of transport operators.
  • ESPORG enables you to have a direct fast-track communication channel will parking area operators, so that you can communicate your needs, expectations and problems.
  • ESPORG offers you the platform to let us know where parking areas are needed from your point of view, including incident reporting.
  • The unique EU Parking Academy supported by ESPORG helps you understand the new EU-Parking Standard, so that you can include the EU-Parking rating system in your route planning tools. For more information

Join a strong and growing community of truck parking operators.

At ESPORG, we help our members set up, expand and grow their parking areas according to the official EU-Parking Standard, and provide the benefit of the latest training and technology insights.

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