Today, ESPORG, the European Secure Truck Parking Organisation, in partnership with the European Commission services and CINEA, the European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, organised a dedicated workshop for some 215 registrants on how to obtain EU funding under the just launched (13 September) 2022 Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funding call.  Applications are due by 13 January 2023.

This 2022 CEF Transport call for proposals makes EUR 5.12 billion available for projects targeting new upgraded and improved European transport infrastructure, of which around EUR 250 million will be allocated to upgrade and/or build safe and secure truck parking areas, meeting the new EU truck parking standards. Similarly to last year’s call, EUR 100 million will be allocated from the General envelope and EUR 150 million from the Cohesion envelope.

Dirk Penasse, ESPORG’s General Manager, said: “Over the years, ESPORG has established itself as the knowledge powerhouse when it comes to safe and secure truck parking areas. At this workshop, we wanted to share our unique expertise with as many candidate applicants as possible, so that the largest possible number of high-quality applications can be submitted, using up the available EU funding to the last cent. Interested applicants are most welcome to contact us to get additional advice.”

At the workshop:

  • Inès Maillart, from DG MOVE, presented the new EU truck parking standards;
  • Martin Bouska, from CINEA, explained the details and conditions applicable to this year’s CEF call, including lessons learned from previous calls;
  • Frédéric Maas, from ESPORG, shared his knowledge on what makes a project a success.


For additional information, please contact: Dirk Penasse at


  • To view a recording of the workshop or to download the presentations from the workshop, please contact
  • Contact ESPORG for additional information at
  • Apply for the Excellence in European Truck Parking Award 2023 at

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