What makes the difference between a common parking space for trucks and the one which is safe and secure? The European Commission – with intensive support of ESPORG-Experts –  developed an EU-Parking Standard. It makes clear at a glance what one can expect from the parking he or she is heading for.
With the EU Parking Academy we help you understand, implement and apply the new standard. This makes sure that you are in compliance and get recognized as a quality parking by the entire logistics chain.

The EU-Parking Standard is the official standard for truck parking areas in the EU.

It foresees a ranking system regarding security and mandatory service requirements as well as an auditing scheme. We help you understand, prepare for and pass the audit under this standard – to the benefit of your business and your customers.

ESPORG supports parking areas in meeting the requirements of the standard.

We support you in meeting the requirements of the level of the standard that you would like to attain:
Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. In doing so, we guide you all the way, from the interpretation of the requirements to the realization of the final audit.

For more information on the support we provide, please contact info@esporg.eu or take a course with the EU Parking Academy: www.euparkingacademy.eu.

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