News on the study on safe and secure parking places for trucks

We now have received the confirmation that the contract for the study on safe and secure parking places for trucks has been signed with the consortium, in which ESPORG takes a leading role. This study was tendered by the European Commission and will define an action plan for safe and secure parking places with the objective of creating the right framework for authorities and private developers who wish to establish safe and secure parking places. Together with our partners Panteia, DEKRA, IRU and CBRA we will have a year to complete this high-level study by the end of 2018.

We invite all interested public and private stakeholders to join us in this study and the accompanying events. Our approach is to present a comprehensive view of the sector and its needs. Please contact to join the effort.


European Parliament rapporteur suggests certified parking areas as a means to help truckers rest

The European Parliament’s rapporteur on the “proposal for a regulation on minimum requirements on maximum daily and weekly driving times, minimum breaks and daily and weekly rest periods” has published his draft report. The report asks for the European Union to mandate the certification of dedicated parking areas along European highways, in an attempt to resolve a dispute over whether truckers should be allowed to rest in their vehicle. The first draft report on proposed legislation covering driving and rest times for truckers, authored by Dutch MEP Wim van de Camp, observes it is common for drivers to take rest breaks in their vehicles. The report suggests secure parking areas as a compromise solution. The draft has been distributed to MEPs and will be discussed in the Transport and Tourism Committee this year. We expect the final position of the Parliament in summer 2018 and a legislative decision in 2019. ESPORG welcomes these encouraging proposals that confirm the pivotal role of secure parking areas and will keep you posted about the further deliberations at EU level.


Decision by the Court of Justice on weekly rest times in the truck

End of last year, Court of Justice of the European Union clarified that “the EU regulation harmonizing social legislation in the road transport sector clearly prohibits drivers from taking their regular weekly rest periods in a vehicle”. Infringing lorry drivers and transport companies must therefore face penalties according to the applicable national legislation. Please find the press release here and the full decision here.


Certified and assessed parking areas to combat cargo theft

The transported assets protection association reports a growing number of incidents across Europe with over 85% of incidents being cargo thefts in November 2017. A recent example from Belgium includes a series of cargo thefts by Albanian gangs that recently targeted parking areas considered as secure. In this context, ESPORG is receiving an increasing number of requests for a list of third-party certified parking areas. “We experience an increasing number of requests for certified parking areas beyond security level 2”, explains Dirk Penasse, the General Manager of ESPORG. “This is why security self-assessment (for security levels 1 and 2) and security certification (for security levels 3-5) is crucial to show that parking areas are reliably prepared to ensure security”.


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