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Tank & Rast motorway service stations with growing provisions of
secure HGV parking areas

  • New ESPORG-certified secure HGV parking areas at Pilsting motorway service station
  • Total of around 140 secure HGV parking spaces at the Pilsting, Rheda- Wiedenbrück and Wörnitz Tank & Rast motorway service stations
  • Secure parking areas at other Tank & Rast motorway service stations being prepared

Bonn, 19.09.2018. On 14 September 2018, the secure HGV parking spaces at ROSI’S motorway service station Pilsting (A 92, Exit 19) were certified according to the specifications of the European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG). This makes a total of 50 HGV parking spaces available there to long-distance drivers, comprising around 20 level 4 secure parking spaces and a parking area with around 30 security level 2 parking spaces. There are also ESPORG-certified secure parking areas at ROSI’S motorway service station Rheda- Wiedenbrück (A 2, Exit 22) and the Wörnitz motorway service station (A 7, Exit 109). Tank & Rast motorway service stations currently offer a total of around 140 secure parking spaces, of which 100 are security level 2 parking spaces and around 40 are level 4 secure parking spaces. Additional secure parking areas, including at the ROSI’S motorway service stations Zeven-Elsdorf (A 1, Exit 48) and Bad Hersfeld Süd (A 4, Exit 32), are being prepared.

In parking areas of security level 2, the spaces are secured by a fence and cameras, as well as barriers in the entry and exit area. Parking areas of security level 4 have a higher fence and an additional roller shutter, as well as video surveillance of the entire parking premises. In addition, licence plates and drivers are registered and compared on entry and exit. A structured system ensures that HGVs parked in secure parking areas are effectively protected against theft and damage. When entering the car park, the vehicle registration is recorded on camera and printed on the parking ticket. The current images of the licence plate are compared by station staff via monitor. If they match, the barrier is opened and the driver can leave the secure parking area.

The security steps are derived from the specifications of the European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG). It develops security standards for HGV parking areas on motorways on behalf of and in coordination with the EU. ESPORG-certified parking spaces represent the highest standards of security and service in parking. As a member of
ESPORG, the Tank & Rast Group is adjusting the security standards for HGV parking areas at selected motorway service stations and having them certified in line with the ESPORG guidelines for secure parking.

Parking in security level 2 areas at Tank & Rast motorway service stations is free for two hours and costs 10 euros for a whole day (24 hours) as of the end of the second hour. The parking charges can be put towards food and drinks in ROSI’S Restaurant as of a purchase of 10 euros or more. Level 4 secure parking costs 5 euros per started hour from the first to the seventh hour; as of the eighth hour, the daily rate (24 hours) of 35 euros is charged.

Parking charges for level 4 secure parking cannot be used towards purchases in ROSI’S Restaurant. There are currently 13 motorway service stations in the Tank & Rast service network, many of them under the ROSI’S brand. ROSI’S motorway service stations are characterised by a comprehensive range and particularly good service. With table service in the restaurant, ROSI’S consciously focuses on personal contact to give those travelling a chance to relax and a break from their HGV or car journey. In ROSI’S Restaurant, guests can enjoy a wide variety of dishes, such as barbecue meals, ROSI’S burger and crunchy salads, in a friendly and familial atmosphere. Long-distance drivers, campers and other frequent drivers also have the opportunity to freshen up at ROSI’S motorway service stations. As well as modern toilet facilities, baby-changing space and a disabled toilet, the modern sanitary facilities also have comfortable showers, as well as washing machines and tumble dryers.

About Tank & Rast:
Autobahn Tank & Rast is the leading provider of food and drink, retail, hotels and fuel on German motorways. Together with its franchise partners, it operates around 360 filling stations and about 410 service stations (including approx. 50 hotels) within the German motorway network. Around 500 million travellers visit Tank & Rast businesses each year. Serways is the service brand from Tank & Rast. It stands for consistent customer focus and high-quality service. Around 225 service stations carry the Serways logo, and there are also eight hotels under the Serways brand.

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