ESPORG, the European Secure Parking Organisation, hosted their annual conference on the future of secure truck parking along Europe’s motorways on 19 October 2017. The conference evidenced the support from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council for the efforts of parking operators to create safe and secure parking places for trucks. Bearing in mind that the Members States of the European Union have to establish secure truck parkings every 100 kilometers on Europe’s motorways by 2020, this support is welcome and crucial.

The conference was also a good occasion to showcase the latest security technology offered by major technology providers such as CAME, G4S, Honeywell, Snap Account and Tyco (Johnson Controls).

ESPORG’s chairman, Michael Nielsen, reaffirmed ESPORG’s endeavors towards a close cooperation with stakeholders from the entire transport chain, including a closer coordination with TAPA, the Transported Asset Protection Association, to be able to speed up the deployment of accredited secure truck parking areas along the European transport corridors. Dirk Penasse, ESPORG’s general manager, added: “I believe that  secure parking solutions allow the transport sector to combat today’s huge cargo crime and stowaways problems, and by doing that save costs significantly and drive the quality of services along the motorways to new levels”.

ESPORG will continue to lead the work of securing the roads and creating a safe, secure, sustainable and good resting place for truck drivers.

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