ESPORG January 2022 Online Workshop

Online workshop: Charging infrastructure at truck parking areas

 On Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 10 AM CET ESPORG hosted a workshop with guest speaker Hans Bevers of NomadPower.

 NomadPower is an associated member of ESPORG which specialises in electrical charging. ESPORG is a strong promoter of sustainable solutions for truck parking areas and drivers and fully supports the efforts of NomadPower in offering options for the electric cooling of refrigerated trailers and battery charging of e-trucks.

In this online workshop, we discussed the role truck parking areas can play within the energy transition and the various business opportunities linked to this.  NomadPower will introduce their existing services to participants and the self-service operating model they can offer truck parking operators. There will also be time for questions from participants.

In a time when sustainability is key and policy shift towards electric transport solutions becomes increasingly prevalent, ESPORG encourages its network to stay informed regarding viable options for parking operators. We hope you attended our online workshop in January to learn more about one of the only feasible solutions for electric trailers in safe, secure, and sustainable truck parking areas.

Did you miss it? Check out the recording below.

Please contact for any more information you might need.


ESPORG September Webinar

In case you missed our webinar or just want to take a closer look at the information, please take a look at our slides from the presentation or the video from the webinar.

September Webinar

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