This CEF-funded project aims at showcasing the setup of certified secure and connected parking areas in south-eastern Europe. It is embedded in a Global Project for the deployment of safe and secure truck parking areas at determined locations in Romania – namely Timisoara-Lugoj, Timisoara-Susani and Bucharest.

The kick-off conference was organized at the Brussels Press Club on 5 October 2016. It was held in the immediate run-up to the ESPORG Congress (ESPORG Conference on Safe and Connected Truck Parking Areas in Europe), so that a high level of visibility could be ensured and a high number of attendants joined.

The kick-off conference was attended by safe and secure parking operators, EU-level experts from the insurance sector, the safe parking sector, the ITS sector and major transport associations, including: IRU, UICR, ESPORG, GDV, Tank&Rast, DEKRA, Honeywell, Circle K (Statoil), SIEMENS and ITS Belgium. From Romania, a high-level delegation, including representatives of the Romanian Transport Ministry, concerned municipalities, the highway police in Timisoara county, engineers and architects, attended the kick-off conference. This delegation had previously visited the Kalken and Kruishoutem sites of the CEF project 2014-BE-TM-0193-W.

October-5th, 2016, 14:30 – 16:00

Location: Press Club Brussels Europe – Rue Froissart 95 – 1040 Brussels

The Romanian truck parking operator A&O is setting up four ultramodern secure and connected parking areas in Western Part of Romania – providing a total of 180 parking spaces tailored for the needs of trucks and commercial vehicles. This project will also deliver high-level studies and manuals for truck parkingoperators and the entire logistics chain.


We are delighted to present the project, its aims and benefits and discuss with you.


  • Daniel Olariu – CEO A&O – Welcome Speech
  • Peter Hermans Retail Development Manager, TOTAL Belgium
  • Daniel Olariu – CEO A&O
  • Dirk Penasse – ESPORG
  • Frederic Maas – ESPORG, Concilius AG
  • Daniel Olariu – CEO A&O – Closing Speech
  • Q&A
Official presentation and launch of A&O’s new EU-funded project in Romania with discussion and Q&A.
Peter Hermans, Retail Development Manager, TOTAL Belgium

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