We are proud of our ESPORG members from Tank & Rast, who are putting the needs of truck drivers first:

At the present time, truck drivers are the heroes of the motorway. Through their commitment, the important supply chains are up and running to ensure the supply of goods. Tank & Rast supports the work of the truck drivers with its 16 truck stops in the network. All truck stops are still open around the clock for travellers, including the on-site sanitary facilities with showers and truck parking spaces.

The catering of truck drivers with food and beverages has been adapted to the conditions imposed by the corona pandemic. For example, many hot dishes from the familiar ROSI’S menu are now available as takeaway orders. The kitchen times vary at the respective locations, but the menu, supplemented by the familiar range from the bakery, is readily available. With the Tank & Rast truck stops, long-distance lorry drivers have a safe haven in terms of hygiene and basic needs off the motorway.

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