ESPORG is the organization within Europe for all parties interested in secure truck parking and navigation. ESPORG gathers the following stakeholder groups:

  • Secure truck parking areas
  • Truck parking areas that have an ambition to become more secure
  • Shippers
  • Logistics operators
  • Truck operators
  • Driver representatives
  • Hardware and software suppliers to secure parking areas 
  • Parties that are interested in secure parking.



ESPORG was created to represent and support the parking area operators that strive to support logistics and mobility operations in delivering a secure end to end quality transport with proper social conditions for drivers. ESPORG provides the following services to its members: 

  • Advocacy to ensure that secure parking is high on the political agenda internationally, EU-wide as well as nationally and locally. 
  • Individual support to parking areas with establishing new parking areas or wanting to obtain training and certification according to the EU-Parking standard, the only official and recognized standard on secure truck parking areas in the EU.
  • Opportunities for suppliers to the parking area industry regarding future needs for development and innovation and in terms of marketing and sales channels. 
  • Surveillance and influence concerning all relevant developments within the area of secure parking areas, including within digital technology development and Intelligent Transport Systems.
  • Networking by providing a platform through which knowledge and experience can be shared with fellow secure parking area managers. 
  • Visibility for secure parking areas towards their clients, through ESPORG’s map of secure parking areas and through our cooperation with leading mobility app providers. 

ESPORG has been instrumental in ensuring that existing EU legislation calls for secure truck parking areas to be established every 100 kilometres on European motorways and for a full ITS connectivity of truck parking areas by 2020. 

ESPORG has been a leading partner of all projects related to establishing and agreeing security and comfort services and levels at parking areas and is an active member of the European Commission expert group on secure truck parking. We are the European parking organization driving the official EU-Parking standard.

ESPORG continues to set the scene for secure parking in the EU to the benefit of all actors in the value and business chain – so join us now and participate actively in the journey!

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