Funding Opportunities

Before setting up or extending secure parking areas it makes sense to explore potential funding opportunities. Such funding may be provided on regional or national level. On EU-level the infrastructure programme Connecting Europe Facility (TEN-T) provides considerable financial support for secure parking area projects along the TEN-T Core Network Corridors that match the criteria of the respective published calls.

In general it the following criteria are likely to determine eligibility and quality:

  • Preparatory or evaluation studies with an added value for future infrastructure setup and/or added value for the European Union;
  • Infrastructure setup that significantly increases security, service quality and Intelligent Transport Systems (evidenced by a solid Cost-Benefit-Analysis);
  • Provision of solutions for alternative propulsion systems (such as charging equipment onsite);
  • Cooperation with key public and private stakeholders;
  • Awarded construction permits and environmental authorizations;
  • Detailed business plan, considering socio-economic aspects;
  • Certification under the ESPORG label.

ESPORG is available to provide information and coaching regarding funding opportunities. Through our partner network we can connect you with appropriate service providers that support applications and project management.