Certification OF STP

Due to the high demand by transport companies, insurance companies, truck drivers, manufacturers and authorities, ESPORG has developed a certification procedure for security and services. As there is a need of secure parkings with one or multiple locks, ESPORG has also issued a ‘Controlled Self Assessment’.

This certificate and self assessment procedure were created in cooperation with our partner DEKRA. From 2016 onwards services are also being audited as part of the certification.

Working with the team from DEKRA Certification, ESPORG drew up an extensive catalogue of criteria which DEKRA experts could verify at the service stations. DEKRA also developed the requisite software that enables us to produce a digital report containing image material. This means DEKRA is capable of amply documenting all aspects of the site. Different structural solutions can nevertheless fulfil the standard. ESPORG and DEKRA are keen to extend our learning curve in this regard. It calls for a constant exchange of information between all those involved on the project.

The DEKRA experts inspect items such as fencing, security devices, lighting, entrances and exits both for vehicles and people, monitoring systems, training and equipping of the personnel, data recording and data processing as well as emergency plans and measures as appropriate. After a successful audit, the service station can receive ESPORG certification, which certifies it officially as complying with the corresponding standard.