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    Parking information

    GPS Data : latitude, longitude (example N 44 10.411, E 5 16.699 or N 44 10 24.7, E 5 16 41.9)(required)

    Contact information

    Site Manager contact information

    Social media

    Service level (mandatory for EU-STANDARD)

    In order to be awarded an audit certificate for any of the four security levels (BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM), the mandatory service level must be met. Please select which services your parking area provides.

    •Toilets for men and women available and working
    •Showers for men and women available and working
    •Toilets are cleaned and checked at regular intervals
    •Water taps available and working
    •Waste bins available onsite
    •Clear signs that promote safe traffic at the TPA

    Parking Facilities

    • Safe Traffic (even surface)
    • Separate parking for HGVs
    • Refrigerated vehicles accepted
    • Separate parking for refrigerated vehicles
    • Dangerous Goods vehicles accepted
    • Electric cooling charging facilities
    [checkbox EParking Facilities06) "• Separate parking for dangerous goods"]
    • Additional unsecured parking spaces

    Fuel Facilities

    • Fuel Station (not 24/7)
    • Fuel Station (24/7)
    • Diesel
    • AdBlue

    Food and Shop Facilities

    • Restaurant (with larger choice than snack bar)
    • Snack Bar
    • Small Supermarket
    • Vending machine for food and beverages

    Office Facilities

    • Office Centre
    • Meeting Rooms

    General Facilities

    • Emergency Assistance
    • Wifi / Internet
    • Cash Dispenser
    • Currency Exchange
    • Sleeping Facilities
    • Laundry
    • Shelter against rain or sun

    Eco friendly Facilities

    • Solar panels
    • Green electric cooling charging facilities

    Gas station


    Payment methods


    •American Express
    •Diners Club
    •Electronic Cash

    Fuel Cards

    •DKV Tankcard
    •Esso Tankcard
    •UTA Tankcard
    •BP Routex
    •Total Tank Card
    •OnTurtle DieselCard


    •Via Pass
    •Via Verde
    •Via Livre

    Other payment methods

    •Pay Pal
    •Revolut etc

    I declare that the information provided by me on the above form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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