Certification request


In order for your truck parking area to be certified, you need to be an ESPORG member. Make sure you fill out the Membership Registration Request  to join us. If you already are a member and would like to be certified, please contact info@esporg.eu.

External fencing

Visibility of perimeter area

Fence covered by CCTV system

Clear zone around fences

Fence protection against damage

All entrances/exits must prevent unauthorized entry

Perimeter entrances and exits

Entrances/exits CCTV

Lighting at entrances/exits

Freight and other authorized vehicles only

Authorized people only

Vehicle entrance/exits control

Pedestrian entrances/exits control

Parking area

Lighting levels of the driving and pedestrian lanes

CCTV coverage of parking area

CCTV coverage of the driving and pedestrian lanes



Certification of security companies

Vetting of all SPA related staff


Guard(s) provided with a personal distress system connected to
(external) security control room

Personal communication system between staff and (external) security control room

Staff trained in parking and transport security procedures

Guards must have viewing access to CCTV images


All CCTV images are recorded in real time (digital-recording-systems)

Restricted access to CCTV systems functions

Minimum retention of all CCTV recordings; recordings are held in
secure storage area

CCTV systems must be in good working order


Incident procedures

Registration procedures incoming vehicles

Registration procedures outgoing vehicles

Entry/exit procedures incoming/outgoing pedestrians

Record keeping

Alarm response procedures

Pre-booking system

Competencies and responsibilities