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We hope all of you had a lovely summer! This month we would like to introduce you to the ESPORG members who are recipients of CEF Funding from the 2021 CEF Call as well as their projects to build or upgrade safe and secure truck parking areas. We will inform our readers about the 2023 CEF Call which was published on September 13, 2022. We also want to highlight Spanish member Calsina Carré as they expand their services.

In addition, we want to let you know about a few projects ESPORG has been working on; one of which is a task force dedicated to understanding and propelling the topic of alternative fuel infrastructure forward. This task force is a direct result of productive discussions conducted during the online workshop ESPORG jointly held with the European Automobile Manufacturer s’ Association (ACEA).

And… it’s that time of the year again! ESPORG has also been diligently working on the ESPORG European Truck Parking Award for 2023. The call for applicants will be launched next month, so get ready!

Remember to also attend or learn from upcoming workshops and events so check our “ESPORG News” section for all the logistics fairs, webinars, and workshops we will be participating in or offering!

Finally, we would like to warmly welcome our new members VOZA in the Czech Republic, Larifarm in Romania, Parképítő Zrt. in Hungary, and TGF Madrid in Spain. We look forward to making the logistics industry safer and more secure with you!

Best wishes,

Dirk Penasse




On September 13th, the 2022 Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Transport Call was published. The description of the call is as follows (taken from the CINEA website):

The 2022 CEF Transport call for proposals makes EUR 5.12 billion available for projects targeting new upgraded and improved European transport infrastructure. 

Projects funded under this call will help to increase the sustainability of the transport network, putting the EU on track to meet the European Green Deal objective of cutting transport emissions by 90% by 2050.

The indicative total budget of the call is available to support infrastructure projects on the Core and Comprehensive TEN-T networks in the following areas: 

  • railways 
  • inland waterways
  • maritime and inland ports
  • road safety
  • rail-road terminals 
  • multimodal logistics platforms
  • multimodal passenger hubs
  • smart and interoperable applications for transport 
  • safe and secure mobility
  • infrastructure resilience 

Apply now!

Applications for the 2022 CEF Transport Call are due by January 18, 2023. If you are interested in applying for CEF Funding, please contact ESPORG for more information. 

More information & workshops

There is an info day for the call that will take place on October 5, 2022. You can read more about it and register here.

In addition, ESPORG will be hosting an online workshop dedicated to CEF Funding for safe and secure truck parking areas on October 13, 2022 at 10 AM.  ESPORG, CINEA, and DG MOVE will be taking participants through all the ins and outs of CEF Funding:

  • Inès Maillart from DG MOVE will present the new EU-Parking Standards, which is a vital part of CEF-funded SSTPAs.
  • Martin Bouska from the European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agenda (CINEA) will explain the recently launched CEF Call 2022 and discuss lessons learned from previous calls for projects applying this year.
  • Frédéric Maas from the European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG) will discuss the elements of a successful proposal and will walk participants through a real-life CEF-funded project.

If you are interested in participating, please register via the following link or contact

Alternative fuel infrastructure: Start digging and collaborating now!

The first policy and business objective must be to ensure that the most used truck stops (top 10%) are equipped with appropriate alternative fuel infrastructure within the next five years.

On 1 September, the European Automobile Association (ACEA) and the European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG) jointly kick-started a series of workshops to discuss alternative fuel infrastructure for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). The key message of the workshop is for all stakeholders to join forces and work together to advance the EU safe and secure truck parking agenda, whilst achieving the objective of equipping the 10% most utilised truck stops (including truck parking areas) in Europe with alternative fuels infrastructure within the next five years.

Dirk Penasse, ESPORG’s General Manager, said: “Now is the time to start building the infrastructure for HGVs alternative fuels. Our message to our members and partners is clear: ‘start digging and laying cables now’. To help them in the most efficient way, ESPORG will propose to its public and private partners to establish, already in September, a joint task force with the objective to collect the knowledge, which is currently scattered among a variety of stakeholders.”

Speakers for the workshop included MEP Vlad Gheorghe, as well as Thomas Fabian, Commercial Vehicles Director from ACEA, and Frederic Maas from ESPORG. They provided presentations regarding the current infrastructure, what is still needed in the transport industry, and some important considerations and challenges to take into account moving forward.

Thomas Fabian, Commercial Vehicles Director at ACEA, said: “Our main objective is to encourage our partners, both policy makers and businesses, to jointly focus on the number one priority, which is to ensure that charging and refuelling infrastructure does not become a bottleneck of the transition to zero-emission vehicles. Already by 2027, the top 10% most utilised locations in Europe, including truck parking areas, should be fully equipped with suitable chargers.”

A number of experts intervened during the debate: Hans Bevers from NomadPower, Wijnand van den Brink from Volvo Trucks, Raluca Marian from the International Road Transport Union (IRU), Marco Digioia from European Road Hauliers Association (UETR), Jörg Friedrichs from Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL), and Peroline Cordonnier from Truck Etape Béziers (the winner of the European Best Truck Parking Award 2022) and Mike Sturgeon from the Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG).

Download the presentations:

For more information, please contact ESPORG General Manager Dirk Penasse at or ACEA Commercial Vehicles Director Thomas Fabian, at .


As a direct result of the successful discussion in the ESPORG-ACEA Workshop at the beginning of September, a task force dedicated to propelling the topic of alternative fuel infrastructure forward has been put together and named the E-Parking Task Force.

What is the context for this task force?

Multiple charging stations for battery electric trucks are required across the European Union for the presumably rapid rollout of electric trucks that has been announced by several OEMs.

The experience with truck parking areas and previous electric car charging stations rollouts teaches us that:

  • A coordinated multinational rollout is required, ideally with prioritizations;
  • Technical specifications must be clearly understood by site owners / operators early on;
  • While technical solutions should be left to the market, a central information and information exchange point is helpful if it is supported by trusted entities.

What is the vision of the E-Parking Task Force?

In view of this context, a task force composed of relevant stakeholders can help elaborate recommendations, gather best practices, and contribute to promising initiatives furthering truck charging infrastructure on parking areas. This task force will help make the vision of safe, secure, connected and sustainable parking areas a reality.

ESPORG will keep you updated on the E-Parking Task Force as well as the results of their efforts. If you would like to be a part of the task force or want to sign up for information regarding the task force, please contact

On June 29, 2022, the results of the 2021 CEF Transport Call were announced. ESPORG has already congratulated our members and their projects who will receive funding through the 2021 CEF call:

-Parking Tatabanya in Hungary
-Logistic Investments in Hungary
-Debreceni Ingatlanfejleszto Kft. in Hungary
-HM Entreprenør A/S in Denmark
-Transportes Calsina y Carré in Spain
-G.P. Limite Andamur in Spain
-Malex Thor SRL in Romania
-TWV in France
-PASS4CORE2 (TruckVillage Collefero, Autostrada Brennero, TruckOne) in Italy


Now, ESPORG would like to once again extend their congratulations and give some details about the projects that are underway:

We have three members in Hungary with CEF-funded projects for a total of € 15,272,680 (max EU Fin. Cont.):

Parking Tatabanya

This project aims at developing a multimodal operating safe and secure parking hub available to Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), feeding into the Orient/East–Mediterranean as well as the Rhine–Danube TEN-T Core Network Corridors according to the requirements of the European Commission and the highest quality standards in the industry. The location at Tatabanya in the central part of Hungary close to Budapest is crucial for EU freight transport and plays a vitally important role along with the international freight volumes in the region. Moreover, SSTPAs play a major role in decreasing carbonisation.

In the field of safe and secure parking the applicant Parking Tatabanya Kft. disposes of the required experience to carry out the project and will receive support from advisors specialized in CEF and infrastructure deployment to ensure an optimised workflow. The European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG) will be consulted to ensure that the realisation of the project as well as the certification according to the new EU standard to be developed under the tender MOVE/C1/2017-500 are carried out accordingly.

The safe and secure parking area will be accessible from both sides of the Hungarian highway M1 that is an East-West passing highway in Hungary and part of the European routes E60, E65 and E75 and will offer 140 parking spaces for trucks. The total costs for the project amount to around 7 million €.

Logistic Investments

Logistic Investments will deploy a project of a gold level safe and secure truck parking area in North-Western Hungary according to the EU-Parking Standard. The project will be applied for under the 2021 CEF call for proposals. It is located on the Orient/East–Mediterranean as well as the Rhine–Danube TEN-T core network. The project is contributing to the aim of reducing carbonization due to the Delegated Act.

The location at Györ in the North-Western part of Hungary is situated close to the Slovakian and Austrian border within the triangle of Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava. It is crucial for EU freight transport and plays a vitally important role along with the international freight volumes in the region.

In the field of safe and secure parking, the applicant Logistic Investment Kft. demonstrates the required experience to carry out the proposed project and will receive support from advisors specialised in infrastructure deployment and the EU-Parking Standard to ensure efficiency and efficacy.

Safe and secure parking areas are an urgent necessity due to increasing road incidents, international cargo crime as well as the improvement of the working conditions of drivers of Heavy Goods Vehicles. The completion of the internal market requires increased coherence and safety standards across the European TEN-T Core Network which is clearly reflected in the TEN-T and CEF Regulations.

The project will deliver the following outcomes:

  • Implementation of high security and service levels for the truck parking area aiming for the “Gold” level EU Parking Standard for 260 trucks.
  • Integration of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) operating with digital real-time information systems and parking-related state-of-the-art software and hardware according to the requirements of the European ITS Directive and the latest technical developments in the sector. The ITS elements will facilitate multimodal interconnectivity amongst road, rail and inland waterway transport in the region.
  • Delivery of a solid roof over  an  HGV driver’s head to take their long and short rest periods in line with EU and national requirements.

Debreceni Ingatlanfejleszto Kft.

The project covers the construction of a new safe and secure truck parking area (SSTPA) on the Hungarian motorway M35 within the North-Western Economic Zone of the city of Debrecen. Operation is planned to start in 2025.

The SSTPA will consist of 194 safe and secure truck parking places at the Silver level of the EU-Parking Standard and 64 truck parking places at the Gold level of the EU-Parking Standard.

The concerned motorway section (Görbeháza-Debrecen) is part of the TEN-T comprehensive network. The project is also relevant for the core network road freight traffic, as this section of motorway M35 is in proximity of the Mediterranean corridor.

Currently, there are no SSTPAs along the motorways of the region, therefore the project will fulfil the increasing demand of truck operators for safe and secure parking. As a result, the project will contribute to better road safety and security, allow for time savings (to reach a secure parking), ensure benefits for users and benefits to the environment by reducing the number of trucks on the local road network.

Further goals are to serve the rapidly increasing logistics demand deriving from the new industrial parks of Debrecen and to rationalize transportation around the city.

The project is the first stage in creating a logistics hub outside Debrecen. It is located within 1 km from the intermodal railway terminal and from the largest automotive factory within the industrial park. This zone can serve as a freight junction along the motorway M35, Road 33 and railroad lines. By concentrating the high-volume logistics tasks here, the environmental, noise and traffic impact can be reduced within the city.

HM Entreprenør A/S / Recharge City in Denmark

ESPORG member HM Entreprenør A/S /Recharge City in Denmark has a CEF-funded project for a total financing of € 21,762,500 (max EU Fin. Cont.):

The project aims at deploying Denmark’s largest safe and secure truck parking area, providing 450 parking lots for Heavy Goods Vehicles. It will contribute to positive environmental effects and CO2 savings in freight transport and create adequate working conditions for truck drivers.

It will be located west of the Danish motorway E45 at the exit 57 Horsens South on the Scandinavian–Mediterranean Corridor. The parking area will, therefore, improve the infrastructure around the E45 Exit 57 Horsens South as well as the municipalities of Hedensted, Horsens, Aarhus, Billund and Herning.

The security criteria will comply with the Platinum level of the EU standards for safe and secure parking areas, which will be assessed via an independent third-party certification. It will be equipped with ITS elements according to the EU regulations and latest technological innovations that will facilitate multimodal interconnectivity in the region.

Recharge City is Europe’s first and largest parking and recharging center with EU platinum certification. The area covers 270.000 sqm and the center will also include a hotel, three restaurants, gas and charging stations, bathing- and toilette facilities as well as outdoor areas – for truck drivers, motorists and families from the local areas. Recharge City is where rest time becomes quality time.

The opening of the safe and secure parking area will take place in 2024.

Two ESPORG Members in Spain have CEF-funded projects at a total financing of € 6,757,855 (max EU Fin. Cont.):

Transportes Calsina y Carré

The proposed Project is part of a four phase Global Project, with the goal of developing more than 450 safe and secure truck parking places at a pivotal section of the Mediterranean Core Network Corridor in the proximity of the French – Spanish border. Both, the Project and the Global Project contribute to the European Union’s objective to create and connect safe and secure parking areas along the TEN-T Core Network.

The Project will upgrade and extend an existing truck parking area to a Gold level safe and secure parking area (SSTPA) at Pont de Molins in the region of Catalonia, near the French border along the Mediterranean Core Network Corridor. It will provide 304 safe and secure truck parking places. and create safe and secure truck parking areas to reinforce cargo security, secure workforce and clearly improve the logistics capacities for all stakeholders while reducing road accidents.

The SSTPA will operate with digital real-time information systems assisting HGVs on the Mediterranean TEN-T Core Network Corridor. The upgrade and extension of the parking area will be pursuant to the “Gold”level EU Parking Standard, the highest technological and quality standards in terms of security and connectivity. The goal is to offer sustainable, top- quality services and respite for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and their drivers, all in a safe and secure environment.

The addition of Gold Level safe and secure parking at Pont de Molins will ensure the cargo safety and the safety of the drivers who will find respite through proper resting facilities, hygiene (separate showers for men and women), food and other necessities. This SSTPA will meet the EU required standards and help eliminate dangerous illegal parking, decrease the number of road accidents and promote a positive and healthier work environment for this much needed industry. This facility will also be connected with the sophisticated (ITS / DATEX II) system for reservations and information sharing which will result in better timing and organisation for trucking companies which will increase their productivity and decrease their annual costs.

The project started in January of 2021 and has completed Phase 1 covering the upgrade of the security and services as well as the existing parking places.  Certification of Phase 1 was issued in June 2022.

G.P. Limite Andamur

Andamur is developing a network of safe and secure truck parking areas (SSTPAs) in Spain.

The Project aims to set up new and upgrade existing truck parking areas in accordance with the gold level of the EU Parking Standard for SSTPAs for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) in Spain alongside the Atlantic and Mediterranean Corridors, in strategic proximity to the French border:

  • Catalonia: In Llers/Hostalets, a new SSTPA with 248 parking places will be set up by Andamur next to the existing parking area Parking Exit 3 AP7 SL with 350lots, which will not be upgraded. Parking Exit 3 AP7 SL will run the operations of both parking areas in LLers. The existing parking area in La Junquera (Andamur – 110 parking places) will be upgraded.
  • Basque Country: In San Roman (Andamur) a new SSTPA with 93 parking places will be built.
  • Andalusia: The SSTPA in Guarromán with 61 parking places will be upgraded.

The core of the set-up and upgrade measures will be realised in accordance with the “gold” level EU SSTPA Standard. In addition to relevant social and economic benefits set out in the attached CBA the Project will also provide for significant decarbonisation gains.

The estimated overall budget for the project is 6.527.100 Euro.

Malex Thor in Romania:

ESPORG Member Malex Thor has a CEF-funded project with financing at € 3,647,123 (max EU Fin. Cont.):

Malex Thor’s CEF-funded project consists of a Platinum Standard safe and secure 87-space parking area for heavy weight vehicles. The total surface of the project is divided between approximately 3.100 m2 worth of parking spaces with two 175 kW electric charging stations, and roughly 18.020 m2 consisting of services for drivers (toilets, showers, laundry etc), a petrol station platform and building, and a 47-room hotel.

The project will be located near the A1 motorway, 450 m from the Seceani A1 exit, and 1.100 m from the Ortisoara exit, making it accessible from both sides of the A1 motorway. Two European TEN-T corridors overlap on this section of the A1: RHINE- DANUBE and ORIENT/EAST-MED.

The realisation of the project will have a considerable social impact as it will respond to existing needs and problems in the field, such as:

  • reducing the travel time needed to reach a secure parking area;
  • improving working conditions for professional drivers of goods vehicles by providing high quality services;
  • making trucks less vulnerable to theft by providing safe parking spaces;
  • minimising the indirect externalities that can affect the population while searching for secure parking spaces such as air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

TWV Logistics in France

ESPORG Member TWV will realise a CEF-funded project with financing at € 902,183 (max EU Fin. Cont.):

The TWV Safe and Secure Parking at the Calais Outpost aims to create a Gold level safe and secure parking truck area (SSTPA) with 96 parking spaces, including customs approvals, on the North Sea-Mediterranean core corridor close to the UK/ France borders.

PASS4CORE2 in Italy

ESPORG Members Autostrada Brennero, TruckVillage Collefero, and TruckOne are part of the PASS4CORE2 application which will have € 6,311,734 (max EU Fin. Cont.):

The Action covers the construction of a new Safe and Secure Truck Parking Area (SSTPA) and the upgrade another 12 existing Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) parking areas, with a total of 2242 HGV parking spaces serving the core network in Italy, with digital real-time information systems, and a certification at the Bronze Level of the EU Parking Standard at least.

The projects for the members specifically are as follows:

Autostrada Brennero will upgrade three safe and secure parking areas under the PASS4CORE2 project:

  • Sadobre (BZ)
    • Truck parking areas accessible from both highways 15 km from the Austrian border
    • Will be certified at the bronze level of the EU-Parking Standard
  • Trento Nord / Interbrennero (TN)
    • Truck parking area located a few hundred meters from the Trento Nord motorway station
    • Will be certified at the silver level of the EU-Parking Standard
  • Rovereto Sud (TN)
    • Truck parking area located next to the Rovereto Sud motorway station
    • Will be certified at the silver level of the EU-Parking Standard

TruckVillage Collefero will upgrade an existing truck parking area and develop a new safe and secure parking area:

The existing private-managed parking area is directly managed by Truck Village Colleferro Soc. Cons. a R.L, which was assigned by the Municipality of Colleferro to manage it since 2002 with a 55-year concession. The area is almost directly connected to the core road network and to the Motorway exit of A1 (Colleferro) which is only at 1,5 km from the parking area, directly on the Scan-Med CNC, while the urban area of the capital city, Rome, is at less than 40 km.

The parking area is very well positioned considering that it is included within the logistics system of Colleferro, where important logistics companies are working (e.g. Amazon, Leroy Merlin, ect.) thus attracting more than 33.000 trucks/year.

Truck Village Colleferro is going to upgrade the existing parking area and to increase the area dedicated to parking for trucks according to the original project approved in 2010 and only partially completed. The foreseen intervention is therefore going to realize a new parking area in continuity with the existing and operative one which will consist of roughly 26.000 m2 and will add about 105 parking spots for heavy good vehicles to the existing area, currently consisting of indicatively other 39.000 m2 equipped with about 65 parking spots (over a 15.000 m2 area) and services (hotel, restaurant, bar, fuel station, LNG station), which are also going to be improved. Interventions are encompassing:

  • –  Pavement and parking surfaces, signalling
  • –  adequate visual and physical deterrent (i.e. curbs, fencing) and accesses
  • –  adequate lighting system, monitoring and surveillance system (CCTV)
  • –  upgrade of facilities for drivers (e.g. restroom, toilets, washing facilities etc.)

Therefore, the whole set of interventions are going to make available an area of indicatively of 65.000 m2 and about 170 parking spots which are going to reach the minimal requirements defined in EU parking standards and related certification. The project will be completed in 2023.


More info about this project

 Calsina Carré Services: Understanding Services for Carriers

As a fleet operator and an expert in professional drivers’ needs, Calsina Carré has all the attributes to position its Pont de Molins facilities at the service of carriers outside of the Group. And therefore Calsina Carré Services was born. This new adventure that Calsina Carré will present by the end of the year, aims to open the doors of Calsina Carré to other carriers in order to offer all services at their disposal–to name a few: gas station, secure parking, lorry wash, workshop, toilets, vending machines, washing machines/dryers for drivers, etc. In addition, they will offer all the logistical support that Calsina Carré can add as a carrier: the possibility of storage, movement of goods and even transport collaborations.

Calsina Carré Services is a translogistic hub strategically located in the Mediterranean Corridor, 18 kilometres from the French border. Its location is also next to Vilamalla, future intermodal and logistical zone of the province.

To take this step, Calsina Carré, who already boasted very powerful facilities at the Pont de Molins headquarters, has chosen to invest extra in order to guarantee the highest service quality. The company has put forth major effort to expand areas such as the service station, which doubles the number of lanes, to remodel service modules and strengthen security with a new video surveillance system and automated access. All these improvements have catapulted the company forward to obtain one of the highest quality certifications for the European safe and secure truck parking areas: the Gold level of the EU-Parking Standard.

This endeavor is a great commitment to the future of Calsina Carré which intends to continue growing and searching for opportunities to improve the sector by providing value, proficiency and service.




ESPORG Award Launch

On October 11, 2022, ESPORG will launch its second annual call for applications for its European Excellence in Truck Parking Award. This year there will be separate categories for small parking areas (fewer than 50 spaces) and large parking areas (more than 50 spaces).  Stay tuned for more information!


Munich Fair

ESPORG will be participating in the 2023 Transport Logistics Fair in Munich on May 9-12, 2023. If you want to participate with ESPORG, please let us know NOW because space is limited. Contact for more information.


To learn more about the fair, please visit: 

CEF Workshop on Oct 13th

ESPORG will be hosting an online workshop dedicated to CEF Funding for safe and secure truck parking areas on October 13, 2022 at 10 AM.  ESPORG, CINEA, and DG MOVE will be taking participants through all the ins and outs of CEF Funding. Register here or contact


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