Controlled Self Assessment is being used for secure lorry parkings with maximum security level 2, represented by locks. Secure truck parkings with more than 2 locks are to be certified automatically.

The services are represented by asterisks. The Controlled Self Assessment can be used for secure parkings with asterisks from 1 up to 5. For secure parkings with 3 locks, the services are automatically certified.

Our audit partner DEKRA requests the secure parkings to fill out a checklist. This checklist needs to be documented with pictures and more. DEKRA monitors from a distance this by using the latest technologies.

You can find the necessary criteria for services and security on our website.


Option 1: Self Assessment - 1 truck parking - 150,00 EURO, excl VAT.

Providing a Self Assessment Checklist
Providinginformation for interested members
Self Assessment report

Option 2: Self Assessment - as off 10 lorry parkings - 100 EURO excl VAT.

Providing a Self Assessment Chekclist
Providing information for interested member
Self Assessment report