ESPORG Certification audited by DEKRA based on LABEL

Certification ESPORG audit by DEKRA based on LABEL is a fact.certificate-statoil

After building a network from secure parkings all over Europe started in 2010, our  next goal in 2012 was to build a certification proces.  In May 2013, the proces was ready and carried out through audit from DEKRA based on LABEL. Our ambitious goal for 2014 is to provide high quality secure truck parking areas throughout Europe.

The first secure truck parking areas got the ESPORG certification audit by DEKRA based on LABEL.

The certification from ESPORG was adopted by TAPA and was presented on the TAPA 2 Q in Kopenhagen on May 16th 2013.

The certified secure parking areas recieve a certification and a silber plate with the security level.

The audit results from each secure parking area will be publised on the website as well as on the flyers.

Our goal for 2014 is to have at least 50 members which are awarded with the ESPORG certificate.